Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Online books, texts, and lecture notes

There are a number of textbooks and lecture notes online. Generally speaking, a great place to start for lecture notes is the arXiv preprint server. Other more general resources are:
Specific notable books include:
I have not included those websites that have illegal scanned copies of books. Writing a textbook takes alot of time & patience and it is just plain wrong to steal an author's hard work.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Errata to physics books

One of the many wonders of the internets is that authors can post their Errata directly online for anyone to consult. DC Physics has a nice list of Errata reported to him directly and a list of links to particular books themselves. The In addition to those, here are ones that I have found useful in the past:
UPDATE (Jan. 21 & 28, 2009)

An essential source for "
published errata pages for mathematical and scientific text books" is at The Errata Page. (although it does not appear to be updated anymore as of 01/28/09)

Errata pages for books that I've found online can be found at my library (by Google Book Search) or on this blog.

Friday, December 5, 2008

A selection of classics from Dover Publications

Dover Publications have been reprinting out-of-print classics for almost 70 years now. Some of my favorite (that were very hard to find before Dover) are:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Methods of Theoretical Physics

Methods of Theoretical Physics, Volume I: Chapters 1 to 8 & Volume II: Chapters 9 to 13 by Morse and Feshbach had been out of print for a long time. I had to get my copy on ebay. However, since 2004, Herman Feshbach's son Mark has started reprinting his father's classic book. I don't know of many theoretical physicists who don't own this book or atleast consult it on a regular basis. Kudos to Feshbach Publishing for bringing it back to life!

A blog about physics books

This is a blog about all things related to physics books/textbooks. For reasons that aren't entirely clear to me, this has become a real passion of mine. My goal is to provide a resource for people searching for just the right physics book, be it a lay person's introduction to quantum mechanics to an advanced text on quantum field theory. Questions and comments are welcome.